Award-Winning Global Social Entrepreneur

Author of the McGraw Hill global leadership bible “Nothing Is Impossible”

Founded the Global Leadership Circle at the Manchester Business School while contributing to its being ranked as one of the top Business International Programs

Founder and President of the World Peace Festival, termed “The most influential peace gathering in history” by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu

Legendary singer, songwriter, and music producer who has headlined many of the biggest music festivals in the World

“One of the most creative people on the planet” according to the masterminds behind Barack Obama’s multi award-winning “Yes we can campaign”

A gateway to millions of next generation trendsetters and early adopters

An expert on understanding the Millennial Generation and the hearts and minds of the consumers below 30

Member, The Global Philanthropists Circle (“Most Elite Club in the World” – Bloomberg Business Week), Founded By David Rockefeller

Awarded the title of “Best innovations in individual philanthropy and social investments around the world” (Synergos Institute, NYC)

Awarded Lifelong seat as a creative member in the Club of Budapest (together with 18 Nobel Laureates and heads of state)

A world-renowned authority on disruptive innovation and holistic thought leader at the best business schools in the world

A “coach to many of the world’s most notable philanthropists, entertainers, and CEOs” (McGraw Hill Professional)

Founder and CEO of the “Nothing Is Impossible Leadership Institute,” NYC

“One of the world’s best experts in leadership” (Wharton School of Business)

Founder and CEO of Resources For Peace, using business as a catalyst for global social change

Co-Author of the Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Politics and Governance (Edward Elgar)