Tom Oliver is the only expert in the world and the # 1 thought leader who is able to weave in areas as diverse as music, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, world peace, leadership and business to reveal the theory and practice behind the secrets of corporate success and what it takes to become and remain one of the best global brands in the next 5-10 years. These are his five key factors:

Turn your business into a powerhouse of innovation: master the secrets behind creativity

“Tom is fabulously placed to inspire those around him to learning whole new levels of solutions.” – Google HQ, California

“The man that Barack Obama calls “one of the most creative people on the planet” illustrated to our worldwide audience of Managing Directors how global brand titans like Google and Apple apply Tom’s principles to become masters of creativity, innovation, and original thinking. Tom´s speech and live music presentation were very engaging, very insightful, very inspiring, and very beneficial for all of us. I learned a lot from it, and the team did as well.” – Samir Ayoub, CEO, Mindshare Mena

The man that Barack Obama calls “one of the most creative people on the planet” will illustrate how global brand titans like Google and Apple apply his principles to become masters of creativity, innovation, and original thinking. This interactive panel incorporates a live music performance to illustrate the true nature of creativity. Oliver will share his best practices, tools and insights to show how this process can be applied by anyone to produce creativity at the highest level.

Creativity and innovation are the two biggest drivers for the long term success of any business. Cutting costs out of the supply side no longer works. Businesses have to focus on the demand side, and here innovation is the biggest issue. Now more than ever, the ability of any business to produce innovation at the highest level will determine its long term success.

Businesses think that the processes of creativity and innovation are linear, but they are not. Businesses can profit immensely from understanding the process of making music in a band – called “jamming” – to produce innovation at the highest level. When jamming, a band focuses on bringing an inner vision to life. All band members move in tune with the music. Spontaneously, they give up control and move as one – in harmony. That´s when the magic happens. Only by jamming together, a band can produce great songs.

Tom decodes the secrets behind creativity and shows how the different parts of your business need to work together in harmony, “jam” and hear the music to consistently produce innovation at the highest level. On request, Tom even ties in live music performances into his keynotes to illustrate the true nature of creativity and how this process can be applied to produce superior innovation in a corporate setting.

Win the Millennial Generation and the Consumers below 30 for your products and services

“Tom is an expert on understanding the Millennial Generation and the hearts and minds of the consumers below 30. A passionate speaker who brings a completely different, unique and holistic view.” – Jez Frampton, Global Group CEO, Interbrand

The highest driver of change over the next decade will be a significant shift in the expectations of the increasingly digital consumers of the Millennial Generation.

The Millennial Generation and the consumers below 30 demand an increasingly seamless experience from the companies they do business with. As “a gateway to millions of next generation trendsetters and early adopters” and “expert on understanding the consumers below 30” (Interbrand – Best Global Brands), Tom shows how to engage these consumers effectively. To this end, Tom draws parallels between the secrets and best practices of rock stars, global social entrepreneurs and “rock star” brands like Apple that have created a loyal global following for their products.

In order to provide a seamless experience to consumers, businesses can profit immensely from understanding how rock stars and global social entrepreneurs engage people´s hearts and minds. When a rock star goes out on stage, he tunes into an inner vision and then brings this inner vision to life with his band to excite worldwide audiences. A global social entrepreneur applies exactly the same process when he sets out with nothing more than a vision to inspire global movements and rally millions of people behind a cause. In applying the same principles, businesses can develop the kind of products and services that have a mass appeal and resonate with consumers around the world.

Attract the Best, Keep the best – Boost your bottom line and profitability by consistently attracting the top talent and the best people

“Tom provides the right inspiration, tools and instructions for how to attract and retain the best people to ensure the long term success of any business.” – SAP

The future of any company lies in its ability to attract and keep the top people as employees. But now more than ever, the best people are not attracted by the best pay alone: They want to work with the best corporate citizens.

Tom shows how to create a corporate climate that attracts the top talent and the best people through good corporate citizenship: To be a good corporate citizen means to build a better company. Thereby you ensure its long term success. Otherwise your employees will route you out, and then ultimately your customers as well. Tom decodes the corporate DNA, remodeling it into a magnet to attract the high achievers of today and tomorrow.

Achieve new heights of productivity by enabling higher levels of collaboration within your organization

“The tools will help to develop our ability to turn conflict into a positive and non-destructive force.” – PUMA

“Tom is one of the world’s best experts on leadership” – Wharton School of Business

Once an organization minimizes internal friction, it is able to achieve collaboration and productivity at the highest level. By making sure everyone in your organization is in agreement, your organization can work better with itself than ever before.

To be a good corporate citizen means to be at peace with your world. This is based on the concept of inner and outer peace, which Tom pioneered as a global leader in the field of peace and through his collaboration with cutting edge businesses from Puma to Virgin and Google.

Tom decodes the secrets behind internal collaboration and shows how the different parts of your business need to work together in harmony. Breaking down silos in organizations and reducing internal friction and conflict enables higher degrees of collaboration among employees, thereby achieving completely new heights of productivity.

Become one of the best global brands by understanding the hearts and minds of your consumers

“Tom is a coach to many of the world´s most notable CEOs, philanthropists, and entertainers.” – Mcgraw Hill Professional

“Tom was the first speaker in 10 years to successfully address our global audience of entrepreneurs, billionaires, politicians, CEOs, and heads of state.” – Bertelsmann

To become and remain one of the best global brands you have to understand the hearts and the minds of your consumers. You have to understand people and their emotions. You have to thoroughly understand your customer base and how to connect with them. Only then you will be able to engage your consumers effectively.

Understanding your consumers is now more difficult but also more relevant than ever before. The individual consumer has a bigger presence as the global competition intensifies and the digital world increases the speed of interaction between businesses and their customers.

Optimize Communication Among Teams: Improve and maximize your understanding and sensitivity for cross-cultural differences and radically improve your cross-cultural management

“Tom´s approach is outstanding. A very insightful, transparent and outstanding learning experience for myself and the whole team. Very compelling. You can feel that Tom lives the things he talks about. He is not conveying something he was told but something he has actually lived. Extremely powerful” – JOHNSON & JOHNSON VICE PRESIDENT Latin America Supply Chain, A. Rheinboldt

In working with Fortune 500 CEOs from around the world Tom has developed an intimate understanding for the subtle cultural differences that heavily influence corporate communication and corporate cultures around the world, especially cross-cultural differences and cross-cultural management styles.
Tom not only understands how companies work and function but also unites these cultural differences in himself because he’s a true cosmopolitan who has been living in so many cultures and countries.
This allows Tom to relate to these differences and convey them clearly to corporate audiences, thereby helping them to improve and maximize their understanding and sensitivity for these cultural differences and radically improve their cross-cultural management.
Tom shows companies how to dramatically improve their communication between teams and different corporate cultures. This enables them to work in harmony with less friction and allows organisations to radically improve their productivity and the collaboration among their teams.
Since Tom lives what he preaches, he can convey theory and practice to Fortune 500 and corporate audiences around the world in an authentic, practical, and fundamentally engaging manner.