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Bloomberg TV Live: Tom shares secrets to successful management in uncertain economic climates

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Bloomberg TV Live: Tom shares secrets to successful management in uncertain economic climates

Key 1: Radically Improve Consumer Loyalty by Predicting Consumer Expectations

You have to understand the hearts and minds of your consumers – only then can you correctly predict future consumer behavior. While innovation and marketing remain the core pillars of corporate success, the shifts in consumer expectations will be the biggest driver of change in the next years.

Key 2: Establish a Consistent Corporate Culture of Innovation by Mastering the Innovation Secrets

If you innovate only once you see a problem or a hungry competitor catches up, it is usually too late. Businesses need to establish a consistent corporate culture of innovation across all areas of their organization to produce true breakthrough innovation and drive top-line sales.

Key 3: The Right Vision & Values to Unite Your Team

Like a rock band playing on stage, you can only make great music when you share the same vision. The right set of values and the right vision are the magic glue that hold a team and organisation together once volatility and uncertain economic times strike. But it is not enough for top level management to clearly communicate the vision and core values of the company to everyone. Most companies have great visions and values on paper, but they are not embodied and lived by management each and every day, and so they fail.

Key 4: Digital Transformation: Enable Your Teams To Think Out Of The Box

A lot of today´s top companies were born in times of recession. What are the right mental models and best practices to create breakthrough innovation and master the Digital Transformation? Only if an organisation masters these secrets, it can invent its way out of a tight box.

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