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Tom Oliver helps Coca-Cola CCI become One Team in a VUCA World

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Tom Oliver helps Coca-Cola CCI become One Team in a VUCA World

Merely a few weeks after the attempted Coup d’État in Turkey, Tom Oliver was invited by the CEO of Coca-Cola CCI to address its star performers, top leadership and country CEOs on how to manage change in times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).

Coca-Cola CCI (one of the largest bottlers in the FMCG world) brought together over 160 of its top executives, including CEOs from over 10 countries (representing over 10,000 employees) for a series of workshops and keynotes by Tom. The goal was to become One Team, fully unified behind one shared vision, and to dramatically improve collaboration across different organizational levels, cultures and countries – especially in these challenging times!

Tom also shared with the audience:
1. The secrets of breakthrough innovation;
2. The keys behind value-driven leadership to master difficult economic environments;
3. The insights of how to build a consistent corporate culture of innovation;
4. The secrets of how to establish an emotional connection with consumers and improve brand loyalty in times of volatility and uncertainty; and,
5. Tom´s unique principles of how to turn challenges in uncertain economic environments into opportunities to radically boost performance and profits.

CEO Video Testimonial:

“Tom played an awesome role in making us One Team!”
Burak Basarir, CEO, Coca-Cola CCI.

Additional audience takeaways:

1. A company that is unified behind one shared vision has a competitive edge over others.
2. To establish a consistent corporate culture of innovation across the whole organization can provide an important advantage in times of uncertainty.
3. Identifying and seizing the unique opportunities that lie behind major challenges can empower organisations to become market leaders in a downturn economy.
4. A focus on the unique values and benefits that your product provides your consumers can unite and empower employees to maximize productivity and collaboration.
This helped their leadership teams to understand not only how to embody One Vision, but also gave these top executives the right tools and best practices to implement the company’s vision and strategy effectively, in a manner that resonates best with the company’s employees and, ultimately, consumers.

During Tom’s closing keynote, Coca-Cola CCI executives, top leadership and CEO spontaneously took to the stage for an impromptu jamming session . The lack of musical instruments was a challenge easily overcome through the use of Coca-Cola bottles, which in this occasion, delivered much more than just the delicious drink that we’re all so familiar with!

Tom Oliver Group

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