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Tom Leads Program for Top Global MBA Students

Tom Oliver Group

Tom Leads Program for Top Global MBA Students:
“Doing Business in Germany”

Tom led a special program for a selection of top global MBA students coming from 8 of the leading MBA programs across the world, including UNSW Australia, NUS Singapore, Duke University Fuqua School of Business, and more.

Tom´s program focused on the automotive industry and included his holistic insights on the following topics which he shared with the global MBA student body:
– Innovation
– Leadership
– Digital Transformation
– Cross Cultural Collaboration
– and the secrets of doing business in Germany.


“I was surprised how much I learned about leadership. Tom also provided us with a very unique and holistic view of the Digital Transformation, of Innovation, and of the secrets to understanding Millennial consumers, and how these areas are all connected.”
Stephen Grabo, MBA Graduate Student (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University)

Tom shared The Following Cultural Differences Companies Need to Know When Doing Business in Germany:

1. Innovation: Most Germans are quite rigid and linear and lack the flexibility to produce out of the box thinking that is needed to create true breakthrough innovation.

2. Cross-cultural management: Most Germans expect other cultures to behave like Germans when it comes to fulfilling high standards of quality management and perfection

3. Germans are afraid to make mistakes: This has a profound impact on innovation because employees will not bring forth their best ideas.

4. Germans don´t mix fun and work: Most German distrust the natural playfulness and flexibility that is needed – together with structures and frameworks – to produce true innovation.

5. They neatly separate personal and professional lives: Personal small talk that is part of business in the US is often a no go!
Find out more about the benefits Tom can deliver for you or your clients at your next event:

– Turn your business into a powerhouse of innovation: Master the secrets behind creativity
– Master the Digital Transformation
– Become the preferred brand for the Millennials
– Leadership: Master the principles of visionary personal and corporate leadership
– HR: Attract the Best, Keep the Best to Boost your Bottom Line
– Achieve new heights of productivity: Optimize collaboration within teams
– Become a global brand: Understand the hearts and minds of your customers
– Optimize communication in your teams: Cross-cultural management

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