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Johnson&Johnson calls on Tom Oliver to become #1 supply chain in Latin America

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Johnson&Johnson calls on Tom Oliver to become #1 supply chain in Latin America

The Johnson&Johnson supply chain leaders and presidents of all Latin American countries and the Johnson&Johnson Vice President Andre Rheinboldt convened in São Paulo, Brazil, for 4 days with one goal: to become # 1 supply chain in Latin America.

Johnson&Johnson turned to Tom Oliver as the only speaker they invited to this leadership summit to help them achieve that audacious goal.

In his interactive keynote, into which Tom integrated a live music performance, Tom shared the following benefits with the team leaders and country presidents:

Benefits and Takeaways

– Master the Secrets of Innovation: How do global brand titans like Google and Apple apply the secrets of innovation to become masters of creativity? How can any team or organisation apply these secrets to produce innovation at the highest level?

– Boost Your Productivity: Boost your organisation´s productivity by optimizing the collaboration within your teams

– Optimize Communication Among Teams: Maximize individual and business performance by improving your understanding and sensitivity for cross-cultural differences and management, and by optimizing seamless communication across different corporate cultures and teams

– Entrepreneurship & The Power of One Team: Unite your teams around one shared goal by creating, communicating and conveying a compelling corporate vision

– Attract the Best, Keep the Best: Boost your profitability by attracting the top talent and the best people

– Leadership – Empower to Perform: Master the principles of visionary personal and corporate leadership to empower your teams to perform

– Marketing: Market your products efficiently to the Generation Y and the Millennials to turn consumers below 30 into loyal fans


See below a video of the Johnson&Johnson Vice President Andre Rheinboldt talking about the benefits of Tom´s keynote.

“Tom´s approach is outstanding. A very insightful, transparent and outstanding learning experience for myself and the whole team. Very compelling. He is not conveying something he was told but something he has actually lived. Extremely powerful. ”
JOHNSON & JOHNSON VICE PRESIDENT Latin America Supply Chain, Andre Rheinboldt

Live Music Concert as Part of Keynote:
As so many of Tom´s clients request, Johnson & Johnson asked Tom to draw on his global experience as a music producer, singer, songwriter and pianist and use a live and interactive music presentation as part of his keynote.

Tom was playing piano and singing and even integrated the audience into his performance to illustrate the true nature of “jamming” – of making music in a band, and its benefits for optimizing collaboration within teams and for cracking the code of innovation.

The Johnson&Johnson team leaders and presidents learned how to produce innovation at the highest level, to radically improve collaboration and enable their teams to work together in harmony – across different corporate cultures and departments.

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