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Bertelsmann calls on Tom to address best entrepreneurs from Germany and Israel

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Bertelsmann calls on Tom to address best entrepreneurs from Germany and Israel

Following a personal invitation by the owners of Bertelsmann, the German multinational mass media corporation, and the Director of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Tom delivered a keynote speech about Innovation and Entrepreneurship to a selection of the best young entrepreneurs from Germany and Israel.

About Bertelsmann
Bertelsmann is a German multinational mass media corporation founded in 1835, based in Gütersloh, Germany. It employs in excess of 112,000 people, operates in 50 countries, in 2014 the company reported a €16.7 billion consolidated revenue and an operating EBIT of €1.77 billion.

Video & Testimonial:

” Tom delivered the key topics and concepts that were fundamental for the success of the program.”
Stephan Vopel, Director, Bertelsmann Foundation, Bertelsmann

Benefits and Takeaways

In an interactive keynote Tom shared answers and solutions to the following challenges and questions for the best young entrepreneurs from Germany and Israel:

– Innovation: What is the difference in innovation between Germany, Israel and the US? What are the secrets behind creativity? What can any business learn from the masters of innovation among the best global brands to drive top line growth and profitability?

– Entrepreneurship: What are the mental models, mindsets and principles applied by the leading entrepreneurs? How do you develop a compelling corporate vision to attract talent and consumers? How do you start a business? What are the challenges entrepreneurs face when dealing with different cultures and mentalities? How can they overcome these challenges?

– HR: How do you attract the top talent, especially the young creative talent? How do you build a better company and communicate it effectively? How do you build a “rock star” brand everybody wants to be a part of? Why are the best people not attracted by the best pay any more ? What is the net positive impact of your organization on society and how does that translate to consumers and employees?

– Change Management & Digital Transformation: How do we prepare a business for the radical shift in expectations of the Digital Consumers in the next 5 years? How do we cope with the challenges resulting from the Digital Transformation ? How do we integrate the creative potential of the Millennials into our teams effectively?

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